Before AI - history of the mainframe

Before AI – History of the Mainframe

Editorial Staff Throwback Thursday

Before the mainframe

Copyright 2005 Paul W Shaffer, University of Pennsylvania.

As IBM unleashes AI on willing human debaters, we take a moment to pause and reflect on the humble beginnings of machine versus man.

There was once a time when we could out-think the machine, but that was a long time ago and extremely short-lived.  Today, most would never believe that the first computer was born in an Iowan lab nearly a lifetime ago, half a continent away from today’s Silicon Valley.  Thankfully, the Computer Museum has created an illustrative and comprehensive timeline that documents the history of today’s mainframe computer.  So kick back, crack open that classic Coke you’ve been saving, and enjoy your jaunt down memory lane.  Just don’t forget to return before AI replaces you, your boss, and their boss…

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