IBM CIMON interactive AI robot leverages mainframe

IBM’s CIMON robot leverages mainframe technology

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The relationship with Simon Systems

Before delving into the AI-ISS-mainframe connection, it needs to be clarified that CIMON, pronounced “Simon”, is not a brainchild offspring of an IBM-Simon Systems relationship.  Only the phonetic of the name is shared.  However, CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) may be a nod to one of the widely recognized founders of AI, Herbert Simon, a logic theorist.

AI powered by z Systems is the future of the mainframe

Most of the top banks, airlines, and other large organizations that process sensitive or robust data use z System mainframes.  Both machine learning and real-time user interaction have become a must-have for both businesses and users alike.  IBM’s decision to launch this technology into space via CIMON, for use on the ISS, further establishes the mainframe as a platform that will be with us well into the future.

According to IBM lead architect, Mattias Biniok, CIMON will help with experiments, procedures, and interact socially with astronauts aboard the ISS.  Such interactions will include sympathetic responses as shown in the video.  In the short video footage, CIMON seems to care for the well-being of the astronaut, consoling him and offering a sensible solution.

That level of human interaction is where the mainframe really helps CIMON shine.  IBM hopes this evolves into an attractive solution for the healthcare industry, in which AI could be used for patient interaction sometime in the near future.   An ideal solution thanks to both the security and processing speed provided by today’s mainframe.

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