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Consignment Program

Is a consignment program the right answer for your IBM mainframe system?


If you just want the machine out of your data center and off the books, selling it outright might be the best option.  read more


If your goal is to recover as much of your investment as possible, you may want consider consigning the equipment with us.  read more


We have been helping organizations navigate the Mainframe lifecycle process for over 30 years.  Request a consultation or call today.

How Consignment Works


We conduct an initial consultation with you to determine the best course of action for your equipment.

If consignment seems to be the best fit, we create and execute a consignment agreement.


You proceed to ship the equipment to our location.

Upon arrival we audit the equipment, ship group items, inspect for cosmetic issues, and run the machine to ensure it is free of errors.


After the system successfully passes our testing process the marketing begins.

Per the agreement, we will proceed to market your system and/or parts to be sold at the agreed upon rate.*

*Simon Systems would be authorized by the consignor (you) to sell the goods only at a specified price agreed upon by both consignor and consignee.  As the consignor you can demand return of the equipment at any time.  The title rests with the consignor until the equipment is sold, at which point, title moves directly to the buyer. Title does not pass through the consignee.  Simon Systems is obligated to keep the consignor equipment segregated from goods wholly owned by Simon Systems.  Simon Systems will forward proceeds of the sale immediately to the consignor or deposit them in a special account.  If you plan to sell on consignment and have legal or accounting questions your attorney should be able to provide guidance on the legal aspects and your accountant can advise on the recordkeeping and accounting aspects of this type of selling.

Sensible solutions for Large Systems

Because saving money never goes out of style.

Sell your Mainframe

Selling your mainframe system and related peripherals can have several immediate benefits.

  • Immediate funds
  • Recovers space in your facility
  • Eliminate management of unused systems

Talk to one of support staff to determine what you can expect for your used mainframe and peripheral devices.

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Buying Mainframes, features or parts

Over 38,000 parts in stock

We maintain a large inventory of IBM mainframe machines, features and parts, from S/390 up to the modern IBM Z.

The quickest way to find a feature or part is to simply call our support team.  We have been in the Mainframe business for over 30 years. 

If we don't have the part, there is a good chance we source it for you.

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