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Mainframe study reveals what we knew to be true

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Mainframe facts and surveys

KPIs are being widely ignored as mainframe usage grows

Recently, Compuware’s CEO published an article about a study done by their firm that cements the truths that many of us in the mainframe community have long suspected.  Mainframe usage is going up.  Mainframe staffing is dwindling.

The Compuware study uncovered several significant facts:

  • Companies that run most of their critical applications will continue to increase that usage by 7% over the next year.
  • A significant 72% of customer-facing applications use mainframe technology.
  • A meager 37% of the mainframe workforce has been replaced in 5 years.

To add insult to injury, the study found that the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of velocity and efficiency are not being tracked and evaluated by the majority of the mainframe users interviewed.  That is a real problem, especially in our age of analytics and smarter forecasting.

63 percent of positions lost in the last 5 years have not been filled

This is certainly one of the most concerning of facts, and has been the heartbeat of fatalists that continually attempt to predict the demise of the modern mainframe.  However, those naysayers continue to be disappointed as we have witnesed year over year.  The workforce issue has been their sole surviving go-to fact, but that may be changing.

The mainframe culture is being rebuilt.  Is it too late?

In a fintech and blockchain world that is competing with Silicon Valley,  we find ourselves needing to be increasingly relevant to students.  Fortunately, IBM has kickstarted this daunting task with their Master the Mainframe contest.   The initiative there was to create heightened exposure of the mainframe to students globally.  However, the vast majority of those students will not end up at IBM, therefore it is incumbent on the wider mainframe community to create a culture that is attractive to the Instagram-Fortnight generation.  After all, most of their apps and games run on mainframes.

Maybe it is time to promote mainframe technology as our Silicon Valley counterparts have been doing for a decade.  Dress it up, announce key partnerships that power the apps young people use, and use more human emotion to attract a still-needed human workforce.

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