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Refurbished mainframes vendor Simon Systems Launches New Site

Simon Systems, an established leader in the refurbished mainframes space, has launched a newly minted website that clearly positions the company for global growth.

In a seemingly inhospitable world thanks to cloud-based services, the mainframe market has held its’ own, experiencing consistent growth year over year according to IBM, the leader in mainframe supply.

Banks, hospitals, governments, and other organizations require the reliability and security provided by mainframes.  Removing the dependency on third party cloud services creates an overall more dependable system.  A must-have for most large organizations.

Simon Systems refurbishes reliable mainframes and parts from IBM and delivers them at a fraction of the cost of new mainframes.  The high demand for the IBM Z Enterprise and System Z mainframes has created a favorable environment for Simon Systems to grow their global sales and service.  As a result of the widespread use of IBM mainframes, Simon Systems also carries a vast warehouse of nearly 40,000 parts and supplies to support and extend the life of mainframes.

The supply and availability of parts to maintain mainframes has been one of the key factors in growth year over year.  With orders coming in from all around the globe, Simons Systems has been a key player in helping businesses reduce costs and extend life of their mainframes.

As it is becoming clear to the industry, refurbished mainframes are going to continue to play a major role in our ever-changing world.  Simon Systems will continue to provide the parts and services that keep them running.

Read more about Simon Systems and view their newly published corporate video.

More questions about Simon Systems?  Contact them here to request additional information.

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